The Parker County Tea Party believes in fiscal responsibility. A failing economy, unsustainable entitlement programs, lack of transparency and accountability and a financial crisis awakened people to the need for fiscal responsibility in our government.

In addition, the Parker County Tea Party believes in the values of constitutionally limited government. We respect the original meaning and intent of the Founders. The Constitution provides for a system of checks and balances in order to prevent usurpation of power; back door legislation by executive order can lead to corruption. We believe in our inalienable rights and pledge our allegiance to America. We defend our values and freedoms and believe in the exceptionalism of America.

Also, the Parker County Tea Party champions a free market economy, the basis of America’s prosperity. We are against federal bailouts of corporations. We believe the free market system should prevail; the government should not be choosing winners and losers, as they have been with car companies, financial institutions, and soon to be, healthcare. Free markets should be free, not stifled and controlled by executive ordered regulations.

In an attempt to restore fiscal sanity to DC, the Tea Party has shown a spotlight on out of control spending and skyrocketing national debt. The Tea Party has alerted the nation to unconstitutional legislation and usurpation of executive power. The Tea Party believes that an unbridled free market system, not socialism, will restore the American economy to its former status.

The simple truth is, for far too long, American voters have relied on what they believed to be the innate integrity of our elected leaders, Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have let us down. Tea Party members are concerned citizens who are no longer inattentive or gullible.

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